Helpful Hints For Getting Any Business To Go On Your Cards . . .

1. Try to see the Manager or Owner in person.
2. Explain to them who your group is and what you are raising money for.
3. Show them what a sample card looks like.
4. Let them know that you would like for them to participate on your cards by . . .
• offering a small discount (if you are building a $avings Card) or,
• offering a buy one ~ get one free pizza offer (if you are building a Pizza Card)
5. Let them know that it costs them nothing to advertise on your card.
6. And, if you have another discount card, ask the businesses on that card to go on yours.

If you are building a $avings Card, print this page and use the
following as a guideline for the different types of businesses to
contact to go on your cards.


Restaurants _____________________________________________________
Pizza __________________________________________________________
Hamburgers _____________________________________________________
Chicken ________________________________________________________
Mexican ________________________________________________________
Bar B Que ______________________________________________________
Subs & Sandwiches _______________________________________________
Ice Cream ______________________________________________________
Do-Nuts ________________________________________________________
Other __________________________________________________________


Bowling ________________________________________________________
Golf ___________________________________________________________
Miniature Golf ___________________________________________________
Batting Cages ___________________________________________________
Video Rental ____________________________________________________
Laser Tag ______________________________________________________
Video Arcade ___________________________________________________
Skating Rink ____________________________________________________
Other _________________________________________________________

Other Favorites

Hair Cut ________________________________________________________
Oil Change ______________________________________________________
Car Wash _______________________________________________________
Dry Cleaners _____________________________________________________
Tanning Salon ____________________________________________________
Flower Shop _____________________________________________________
Pet Store ________________________________________________________
Christian Bookstore ________________________________________________
Other ___________________________________________________________

Also . . .

Consider the fact that several of your members may have a family member that owns or
manages a business that would like to participate.