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The Punch 'N Save Card

NO MINIMUM ORDER You can order as few cards as you like & as often as you like.
NO UP-FRONT-PAYMENT We extend 20 Day Credit Terms to Most Groups
24 HOUR TURN-AROUND We print and ship ALL card orders within 24 hours
ONLY $2.50 PER CARD Discounts available for large orders!
LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEE Absolutely no one can beat our prices!
NO SET-UP FEES, SHIPPING FEES, etc. We don't "trick" you with hidden fees
QUALITY PRODUCT Our cards are durable plastic (just like a gold credit card).
EASY TO SELL Your supporters Save Money by supporting your group.
CUSTOMIZED PRODUCT Your Group's Name is printed on all of your cards.

Doing a Punch 'N Save Fundraiser is as EASY as 1 - 2 - 3

The businesses and offers listed below are typical offers that are given by that business.
Since each Franchise is typically independently owned, you need to go to the
business and just make sure that they will accept the card.
Show them the Business Agreement form and have them sign it acknowedging that they will honor the card.
Remember . . . If they want to make a change to the offer, that is OK! We can print any offer on the cards, but it needs to include a FREE item.

Compete the Punch 'N Save Card Order Form* and send it to us.
DO NOT over order Punch 'N Save Cards. Remember that we have
No Minumum Order and a 24 hour turnaround.
AND . . . you can re-order as often as needed.

We will print and ship your Punch 'N Save Cards to you within 24 hours of receiving your order.

For your convenience we have made all necessary forms available to be printed directly form our site. Vist the Site Index to view all necessary Forms. 

That's It! - Told You This Was Easy!

The Punch 'N Save Card

Only the backs of these sample Punch 'n Save Cards are shown
(the front is always the same)

Punch 'N Save Cards are printed on durable, high quality plastic (the same as a Gold Credit Card).
The cards are gold and the print is black. This not only looks great, but black on gold makes it easy to read.

Questions & Answers

Q. Are You Serious About NO MINIMUM ORDER? Most Companies have minimums of at least several hundred cards?
A. That's Right - We have NO MINIMUM ORDER. We figure that you know more about how many cards you need than any other company knows. Plus, NO MINIMUM ORDER allows many smaller groups to participate, who otherwise couldn't.

Q. It only takes 24 hours for you to print the cards?
A. YES! We print and ship your cards within 24 hours!

Q. How much do your cards cost?
A. Our cards cost only $2.50 each! Compare that to most card companies that charge at least $5.00!
PLUS, the more you order the more you save!
1 - 500 Cards: $2.50 each
501 - 1,000 Cards: $2.25 each
Over 1,000 Cards: $2.00 each

Q. When do our cards expire?
A. We print the Expiration Date on all cards to be 1 year from the time you order the cards. (If you choose, you can have us print a different Expiration date on your cards)

Q. Can we return unsold cards?
A. No. Because (1) our cards are so inexpensive, and (2) we have No Minimum Order, and (3) we can fill re-orders in 24 hours, there is no need for you to order more cards than you need.

Q. Do we have to pay any money in advance?
A. No. We give most groups 20 days from the time you get your cards to pay.

Q. What if we have more than one business that wants to go on our cards?
A. You will need to place more than 1 order for cards. We can only print one business per card.
Because we have NO Minimum Order, you can have a smaller amount of 2, 3, or more different cards. This way, your supporters can choose which card they want - and many will buy more than one type of card!

Q. How hard is it to get a Business to go on the card?
A. A Whole Lot Easier Than You Might Think. JUST ASK THEM. Almost all Pizza, Sub, and Burger Businesses will do a Buy One / Get One Free deal on a card.

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