Unique Bag Tag Fundraiser

Even if you’re not going to use our
Bag Tag Fundraiser for your next fundraiser

You can still offer your members a Prize Program
using our Gorgeous Custom Printed Bag Tags

It’s a Fact...Prize Programs Work.
A Good Prize Program for your selling members will increase participation and will increase sales. On average, a good prize program will increase fundraiser sales by 30%.

It’s Simple…
- Just let your members know that if they sell “ X ” amount, they will win a FREE Bag Tag.
- After your fundraiser is over, you just send us the information we need to print all of the bag tags that you need for prizes and we will print and ship them to you.
- Your cost for the bag tags is only $2.50 each.
- Your members can choose whatever style they want for their bag tags.
- If you have any questions, email us: LuggageTags@ResultsCompany.com

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